About this blog

This site was created to help me learn the Swift Language and iOS development. I intend to keep track of my goals and progress, as well as, documenting helpful resources I come across or use often.

Swift is designed to be Safe and Expressive which is exactly how I intend on learning it. I am going to learn the best practices and strive to take advantage of the intended features Swift offers.

The blog was created with Jekyll straight from a lynda.com tutorial -> Jekyll for Web Designers by James Williamson. It’s a great course & I didn’t make many changes to the design.

About the Author

My name is Doug Harper. I’m an app developer who got started around the time Swift was announced and decided to make it my focus. Previously I developed websites and still do occasional work on them. I love working in both areas and enjoy learning and building new things. My favorite form of communication is Twitter, please say hello at @endodoug.