Here’s a list of resources I found helpful in learing Swift, iOS, and tools of the trade.


Swift Blog
Keep up to date with the latest news directly from the Swift team at Apple.
Official Swift Open Source site.

Best website for iOS developers with lots of free tutorials & in-depth video tutorials for subscribers.
iOS Bootcamp presented by Five Pack Creative. They offer Apprentice, Journeyman and Master sessions. I attended the Journeyman course in Dallas.
The best site for learning Sprite Kit. Lots of great free content for subscribers too. Another site I subscribe to.


Playground Secrets and Power Tips
Playground Secrets and Power Tips - Erica Sadun is by far the best resource for taking a deep dive into Xcode Playgrounds


Official site
Jekyll home page. Features help, documentation, and news about Jekyll. This site is built with Jekyll.


Daring Fireball
Markdown syntax reference written by John Gruber, creator of Markdown. I use markdown for this blog, Github readme files, and Xcode Playgrounds
Kramdown Quick Reference
Quick reference guide for Kramdown, Jekyll’s current default Markdown rendering engine. Features code examples and description of common formatting tasks.