Cleaning Up My App Store

I’ve got a few games published on the App Store that have been neglected & users are getting the dreaded…

“App May Slow Down Your iPhone”

It’s so unappealing and then Apple twists the knife with..

“The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility.”

I get it. So I’m pulling those apps from the app store until I can get them properly updated. Honestly, I like that Apple does this kind of thing.

Apps Pulled Tonight

  • Caribbean Catch -> My plan is to totally remake this ole girl with Swift. The music is great and the art still holds up.
  • Flappy Red Skull -> My mandatory Flappy Bird knockoff. No reason to put this guy back up.
  • Marco Polo Word Search -> Great game, but niche never took off. Probably never to be seen again.
  • Orange is the New Black Word Search -> Consistent money maker. Priority to get this one back up before OITNB Season 5 hits Neflix.
  • July 4th Word Search -> Since Trump was elected this guy has been getting some action. Probably gets some new content and back in the lineup.

March 24th Update

The July 4th Word Search game has been updated, approved and back on the App Store. The process was pretty smooth, although I do not enjoy working with Obj-C. I made a few minor tweaks to overall look and feel of the game which took a little more time than I anticipated, but added some nice improvements.

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