Mitosol Website

I’ve been working on a few websites the past several months. It’s been a while and I forgot how much work goes into a site, even after it’s been launched. Not to mention 3 at the same time.

The decision was made to go with wordpress for several reasons, mainly ease-of-operation if/when the client want’s to run them. I also made the very wise choice to use the Genesis Framework for consistency in quality themes.


My client’s main product is an industry-standard drug for glaucoma surgery. They were previously getting no organic traffic for their product, now we are ranking #1 for google search results for all relevant keywords and starting to expand into a few other areas for capturing traffic. Mitosol is now delivering contacts to sales, medical affairs, and the corporate office.

Feature Snippets

Google has added several wrinkles since I previously worked with websites and SEO, the biggest being Featured Snippets. These snippets appear in prominent positions and answer specific search questions with extremely relevant info. After some research I built my own little MacOS tool and nabbed a couple of these golden snippets like this one. What is Mitosol

There are more opportunities to capture visibility and that is something that I’ll be working on as I maintain the site.

Stain DFence

My venture back into websites continued with another project I picked up. It’s a local fence staining company that’s just getting started. They need more than just a site… Local Seo, PPC, link building, rich snippets, analytics, monitoring reviews, etc. All kinds of fun stuff.

Zewkey MMA Parlay Calculator

This is a fun project where I built and implemented a parlay calculator app for a UFC betting site. I used Vue.js to add a sign-in with google authentication along with a few reactive features like quotes, a poll, and hiding/adding text. It’s already got some google traction, but needs more backlinks to move up the rankings.

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